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Recital Dress Rehearsal Schedule

Recital Dress Rehearsal will take place June 4th & 5th at the Staplin Performing Arts Center in West Des Moines (Valley High School auditorium).

You may video tape your child's rehearsal. You will also be allowed to take photographs. Miss Charlee and the teachers will be the only ones allowed to go up to or on the stage during rehearsals. Please do not approach the stage at any time during rehearsal or try to go backstage. Your student will be free to go after their rehearsal. It is the staff's job to do costume changes, staging, entrances, exits, line-ups, etc. We need to make sure everything runs smoothly for the show as well as the dance, music, lights, and props. There are times when the schedule will run right on time, or even early & there will be times we might run over. We want to make sure we are putting on the best show possible. So, please arrive on time and we thank you so much for your outstanding patience as we prepare for a spectacular show!!!

Click the file below to view the most recent 2024 Recital Dress Rehearsal Schedule:

Dress Rehearsal Recital 2024 - Google Sheets (1)
Download PDF • 78KB


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