Covid-19 Update 5/16

Hello CESOD Families,


We are excited to announce we will be opening our doors for a soft opening starting Monday, May 18th. Please see the attachment of the class schedule.


Last week we sent everyone our Phase One spreadsheet of how we will be handling our first few weeks open.  This is attached once again for you to review, but I want to reiterate a little through this email as well.  Please make sure you have your dancers go to the bathroom BEFORE being dropped off.  We are trying to have little bathroom breaks during this time.  Please have your dancers come in the attire they are going to be dancing in.  A light jacket is okay if needed, but we want to avoid having loose attire as much as possible.  Dancers will be either bringing their street shoes inside the studio and put in their bag or they will be instructed where to place their shoes depending on where their class is entering.  Please make sure each dancer ONLY brings a plastic/paper sack with their name on it.  We will NOT allow dance bags at this time.  In the bag, there should only be the dancer’s shoes, nothing else.  If your dancer is in Level 2 and lower, we ask that you do NOT bring a water bottle.  If you dancer is in Level 3 and up, we ask that if they are to bring a water bottle for it to be a plastic one.  Each dancer will bring their bag in and it will be placed in their box they will be dancing in during their class time.  These are all taped off, so the dancers know where exactly to go.


Drop off procedure at front door:

We want everyone to arrive a few minutes early to ensure they will be in the class room on time.  The time of arrival for each class is listed on the class schedule spreadsheet attached. It is so important to be on time. If you are late, you will not be able to enter the studio on your own. This spreadsheet will also state where you are dropping your child off at. We will have 4 different doors where dancers will be entering. Instead of parking in the parking spots and bringing your kids in or dropping them off at the door, we are going to ask you to drive into the parking lot, turn around so your car is facing north (or towards the parking lot entrance/exit).  The first car should be in front of the front door.  From there, we ask that everyone forms a line with their cars. It is important that everyone stays in their vehicles until they are prompted to come to the door by a CESOD Staff Member.  Once your dancer is called to come to the front door, they will come to the CESOD Staff Member where they will get a quick temperature check and hand sanitizer.  They will then follow the markings on the floor in the studio and another CESOD Staff Member will guide them to their class room. If you want to walk your child to the front door, you are welcome to do so.  We just ask that you wear a mask during this time.  


Drop off procedure arriving through Studio A/Dock door.

This procedure is following the same process as dropping off at the front door, with a few exceptions.  The drop off line will be the same as stated above, but we would like the line to start towards the back of the parking lot, by the dock doors. Please see video attached for instruction on where to enter/what to do.  There will be markings on where to wait in line. Please make sure that NO ONE is to open the door unless it is specified to them by a staff member.  If you want to walk your child to the line, you are welcome to do so.  We just ask that you wear a mask during this time.


Pick up procedure:

For picking up your dancers, please make sure you are on time.  We are not allowing anyone to wait around in the studio at this time.  This is very important so we can continue to clean and practice our social distancing.  When you are at the studio to pick up your dancer, we ask that you park in a parking spot and stand outside, by your car.  We will let out one child at a time.  When we bring out your dancer, please make sure to waive, so the CESOD Staff Member is aware that they are going to the right car.  Your dancer will be prompted to walk to your car, or the staff member will walk them to your car depending on their age.  If you are wanting to walk up and get your dancer, that is okay as well, but we ask that you please wear a mask during this process. 


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out.


We hope you have a wonderful weekend and can't wait to see your smiling faces again next week!


Miss Charlee and CESOD Staff


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CESOD Entrance Map

Covid-19 Update 5/8

Hello Dance family,

On May 7th the Governor of the State of Iowa addressed the reopening of certain business.  Based on this, we are able to do private lessons at this time but will only be doing lessons with dancer’s who have solos.  We have reached out to these dancers and let them know our plan with that stage of opening. 

            Based on everything stated above, we are waiting for an update from the Governor to do a soft opening for all our dancers. If the Governor lifts these guidelines, it is still our plan to open on May 17th, if everything goes as planned. Once we get word that we can open, we will reach out to each class and let them know their updated time of practice.  We will have to adjust the times just a tad to make sure we will be following all the new guidelines.  We also know that there are going to be some families that will not feel comfortable to come back.  We of course, will not make anyone do something they are not comfortable with.  If you do choose to not come back, please be sure to let your dancer’s teacher know so they can plan accordingly for the recital. Please know that it is our number one priority to keep each and every one that enters through our doors, safe and we will do everything in our power to do so.

            Our recital was supposed to be celebrated on May 31, 2020.  We have just received word that Valley High school, where the Staplin Performing Arts Center is located, has cancelled all events for May.  Our plan is to move forward having a recital on either June 20th or June 27th that will be taken place at our studio either indoors or outside. Our plan is to have the dancers back for a couple weeks to practice in person to ensure dances look as best as they possibly can before having our performance. For these practices, there will be no tuition fees due.  This will be our makeup classes for the time we were not allowed in the studio. We are looking at all our options to figure out the best route possible to be able to celebrate your dancers. Although, this is not our first choice, we are still doing our absolute best to have the opportunity to celebrate everyone’s hard work.  All of our kids have missed out on so many celebrations due to these unforeseen circumstances, so we are doing our best to make it work out for your dancers.

            We will continue to follow these guidelines set forth by the state. As stated in the previous emails, everything can change in the blink of an eye, so we will continue to update you at any moment we need to. When we are given the green light to gather full time again, we will make sure to move forward with our phase one plan that is attached.

            It is our number one priority to do our best to have everyone happy, healthy and to keep on dancing through this difficult time we are all enduring.  We miss each and every one of your smiling faces and cannot wait to see you all in the studio here very soon.  Please do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have.


In gratitude,

Miss Charlee and CESOD Crew

Covid-19 Update 5/1

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Covid-19 Update 3/17

CESOD Dancers,

We hope you are making the best of what is certainly a strange Spring Break!  Miss Charlee and her staff have been taking proactive measures and discussing various possibilities to finish the remainder of the season.  We are currently brainstorming ideas for the possibility of alternate Picture Day, Recital, etc.  Please note that Observation Week is canceled this year indefinitely in order to minimize the spread of infectious disease.


For two weeks following Spring Break we will be providing online resources for our dancers to continue training at home until we can resume instruction at the studio. Instructional class videos, recital choreography clips, and music from the CESOD staff, along with classes from numerous guest teachers, will be uploaded on our new CESOD app.  You will receive push notifications and/or emails as class lesson plans become available.  This will help prevent community spread while allowing us to continue preparing for our next possible performance/recital.  Please see the attachment for instructions on how to download the CESOD TEAM APP on your child’s phone/tablet.  Once dancers are allowed back in the facility we will email out information on makeup classes.


Our staff will be presenting upcoming Social Media Challenges and other online activities to keep our kids connected.  Be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram for more activity updates/live classes!  Dance is a huge outlet for many of our families.  An extended break may seem like a luxury at first, but can negatively impact both recreational and competitive dancers’ development as a performer. Additionally, a familiar routine will benefit all of our dancers in this unusual time. Our job is to lessen the impact that this pandemic will have on our children. That is why it is important for us to continue working with these kids online! We will continue to email you updates on a regular basis as more information becomes available. We appreciate your support and understanding and pray that your family stays safe.


Miss Charlee & CESOD Staff


Download the CESOD TEAM APP below



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