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Class Descriptions

Please contact us for a complete list of tuition and fees.


We begin our ballet classes at the tender age of 3.  Our program will advance students to a pre-professional level.  We provide strong classical techniques stressing proper body alignment, allegro, adage and center combinations, correct placement and terminology.  Ballet is a total body exercise and the foundation of all dance.  It is impossible to be an advanced jazz dancer and not be an excellent ballet technician.


Pointe classes are by invitation only. It is important that the student has a complete understanding of body alignment, placement and has strong and flexible ankles. Students enrolling in Pointe are approximately 11 years old and have taken 5 years or more of Classical Ballet. These are important elements to prevent injury to the dancer.


Charlee's Elite School of Dance reaches a nice balance in our jazz program by offering many different styles. We focus on Classical Jazz technique and add Funk, Hip-Hop, Broadway, Urban and the occasional flare of the newest trends. We choose to focus on the muscle development, flexibility, athleticism, endurance and control aspect of a jazz technician.


Tap is different rhythms produced by making sounds with your feet. Tap classes include tap barre, movement across the floor and center floor combination. Tap terminology is introduced at a young age. Our advanced dancers continue working on intricate rhythms and various styles of movement. Tap is a fun and unique way to work with coordination, timing and style, as well as rhythm and dance.


C*E*S*O*D offers high quality tumbling instruction. Beginners: starts with various rolls, all forms of cart wheels, back-bends, bridges, hand-stands & emphasis on balance & flexibility. Intermediate: skills include adding front & back limbers, walk-overs, Arabians, flips and intro to power tumbling. Advanced: this level works on continuing basics while further developing power tumbling & aerial work, back hand springs, tucks, punch fronts, etc.

Elite Edge

Dance, students who wish to explore competitive dance are invited to audition each year for the Elite Edge Competition Team.  Elite Edge is involved in approximately 3-4 regional competitions a year and nationals. This gives students who are highly involved in dance an additional opportunity to compete and perform within the community.

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