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You may choose to pay your tuition each month or in full for the entire year. You will receive an additional 10% discount if you pay annual tuition by cash or check by September 1st.  Tuition is due on the 1st of each month. Monthly tuition is calculated as follows:

  • 1st class - no discount/pay 100% of fee
  • 2nd class - 10% discount
  • 3rd class - 15% discount
  • 4th or more - 20% discount

The maximum monthly tuition cap is $250 per dancer and/or $450 per family, prior to taxes.

Boys classes are 50% off - no other discounts.

Tuition is non-refundable and non-transferable. We do not pro-rate or refund tuition for missed classes due to illness, injury, or other conflicts.

If you are moving or need to drop a class for any reason, you must fill out the Add/Drop form before the 1st of the prior month to avoid further tuition charges.

All accounts must be up to date before recital costumes are ordered.

All accounts must be paid in full by May 15th in order to participate in the Spring Recital.

There is a $26.50 new student fee, paid only one time per student.

A recital fee of $97.52 per dancer or $185.50 per family is charged upon enrollment. The recital fee is only refunded if written cancellation notice is received by October 1st. 

A costume deposit fee of $26.50 per dancer is due upon enrollment.

A $10.60 late fee will be assessed to all accounts if tuition is not received by the 10th of the month.

All returned checks and declined auto payments will have a $26.50 fee added to their account.

A $10.60 late fee will be applied for each costume payment that is not paid on time.

There will be a recital ticket fee of $3 per ticket for families that need more than 5 tickets per dancer for a single show or 10 tickets per dancer for both shows.

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