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Policies & Payment Information


Registration will only be conducted online through September 3, 2017. To enroll after September 3rd inquire with the office. A registration fee of $26.50 per student is required at sign up, for new to the studio dancers only. A recital fee, costume deposit and tuition deposit are also due upon enrollment. Any outstanding balances on accounts must be paid in full to register.


We highly encourage monthly tuition payments by automatic payments on a credit card, new forms will be available July 1st. Automatic payment forms are only good for the current dance year and new forms must be filled out every year to continue. You may choose to pay your tuition each month or in full for the entire year. Tuition payments start September 1st through April 1st. See below for May tuition. You will receive an additional 10% discount, before taxes, if you pay annual tuition by cash or check by September 1, 2017. Tuition is due on the 1st of each month, late after the 5th.

A tuition deposit due with registration or by September 1, 2017. It will be one entire month of tuition charges and will be non-refundable. This tuition deposit will be used for dancer’s May tuition, dancers who drop anytime during the year will forfeit this deposit. If you pay annual tuition, this deposit will be used as payment towards the total due.

Monthly tuition is calculated as follows:

  • 1st class – no discount/pay 100% of fee
  • 2nd class – 10% discount before tax
  • 3rd class – 15% discount before tax
  • 4th or more – 20% discount before tax

The maximum monthly tuition cap is $275 per dancer and/or $500 per family, prior to taxes. Family discount is 10% if paying month to month only.

Tuition is non -refundable and non -transferable. Dropping is strongly discouraged. If you are moving or need to drop a class for any reason, you must fill out the Drop Form before Nov 1, 2017. You are not considered dropped until form has been received and approved by office management. All Fees will continue until that time and will need to be paid in full. The dancers account must be in good standing before a drop will be approved.

Dancer’s account and class correspondence is conducted monthly via email, unless a request has been submitted in writing to use another form of communication. It is the consenting parent/guardian’s responsibility to ensure that CESOD e-mails are being received and that any changes in email addresses are updated with the office. Correspondence about a dancer’s account or information about the dancer can only be given to the parent/guardian who has signed the registration contract, unless a request has been submitted by the parent/guardian to allow another party to have access.

Refund Policy

CESOD staff may issue refunds for unused, non-customized or defective products or

merchandise within 14 days of purchase. No refunds will be given for recital fees,
registration fees, tuition or costumes. All refunds will be issued as a studio credit.

Dress Code & Hair Requirements

Solid colored leotards and tights are required for all dance classes. Please, no sport bras
or underwear underneath leotards. No T-shirts are allowed. Booty shorts can be worn for
tap and jazz classes but not for ballet or pointe. No biketards allowed for ballet class. Hair
must be pulled up in a pony-tail or bun for Movin’ 2 the Music through level 3. Hair must
be in a bun secured and anchored to dancer’s head for Level 4 & up and for all Elite Edge
classes. No jewelry and capezio brand shoes for all classes.

Schedule Changes

A minimum of six students is required in a class or the class may be rescheduled or canceled. Our staff will make every effort to accommodate you in the event that a class is canceled.

Level Placement

Students are placed at appropriate levels based upon age and ability. Levels are determined by the faculty. Advancement is not automatic and is decided by faculty evaluation throughout the school year. Teacher approval is required for Level 3 classes and above. Students may test into Elite Edge classes based on ability. All tumbling classes require teacher approval.


There is a $26.50 new student fee, paid only one time per student. A recital fee of $111.00 for 1 dancer, $195.00 for 2 siblings or $270.00 per family is charged upon enrollment. The recital fee is only refunded if written cancellation notice is received by October 1, 2017.

A non -refundable costume deposit fee of $26.50 per dancer is due upon enrollment.

A $10. 00 late fee will be assessed to all accounts if tuition is not received by the 5th of the month. An additional $10.00 late fee per each month late will be applied.

All returned checks and declined auto payments will have a $26.50 fee added to their account.

A $10. 00 late fee will be applied for each costume payment that is not paid on time. An additional $10.00 late fee per each month late will be applied.

There will be a recital ticket fee of $3 per ticket for families that need more than 5 tickets per dancer for a single show or 10 tickets per dancer for both shows.

Make-up Classes, Attendance, & Cancellations 

Makeup classes are available as an option. These classes are highly encouraged but are not required.

We do ask that students not miss more than two classes during the year. After February, any student that misses more than 3 classesmay be removed from recital choreography.

Class cancellation due to weather is based on CESOD staff determination. Check our website, and calendar, website calendar, to see if classes have been canceled.Classes are not canceled on conference days. There are no makeup classes scheduled in the month of May.

Studio Conduct

Please do not leave young children unattended at the studio. Siblings and friends (not in class) may not remain without without an adult. The waiting area is not supervised. Students, parents, siblings, and guests are asked to behave in an orderly manner in the waiting rooms.

Students are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful and disciplined manner at all times. Excessive talking, being disrespectful, or acting inappropriately may result in the student being asked to leave the class. The studio reserves the right to dismiss a student for inappropriate behavior.

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