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Hair, Makeup & Dress Requirements

Makeup Requirements

makeup requirements

Hair Requirements

Half Up with Curls

Pull half of dancer's hair up including bangs and secure with an elastic pony tail holder. Pony tail holder needs to be the same color has dancer's hair. Curl the rest of dancer's hair in ringlets with curling iron, sponge rollers or whatever works best for dancer's hair. Hairspray and finished Side Bun

half up with curls sideviewhalf up with curls fronthalf up with curls back

Side Bun with Braid

French braid front side of head and secure with clear elastic ponytail holder. Pull the rest of hair into low side bun on dancers left. Secure with matching pony holder, hair net, bobby pins and hair pins. Finish with hair spray

side bun with braid sideviewside bun with braidd frontside bun with braid back

Poof French Braided Ponytail

First follow instructions for the poof. Next flip head over and begin to french braid dancer's head from the nape of the neck up. Once you are finished with the braid, tie your ponytail holder in. This needs to be the same color as dancer's head. The ponytail should be located at the top of dancers head. Please hairspray to hold all in place and use any necessary bobby pins, hair pins, etc. that match your dancer's head. Add any required hair accessories at the end.

Poof French Braided Ponytail sideviewPoof French Braided Ponytail frontPoof French Braided Ponytail back

High Bun

Pull all of dancer’s hair into a high ponytail and anchor on top of dancer’s head. Secure pony with matching elastic, how many is needed to ensure pony will not come lose. Then wrap dancer’s hair into a nice tight bun, DO NOT BRAID. Please use a bun builder and hair net to make sure hair stays in place and keeps its form. Then spray all wispies down & comb out all bumps. Use any hair pins and bobby pins as needed.

High Bun sideviewHigh Bun frontHigh Bun back


Straighten all of dancer’s hair and make sure hair is nice and smooth. Next rat or backcomb top section of dancer's head to enable hair to stay upright. After you have completed this you will smooth out the top of the hair creating a poof. Secure by putting poof into a tiny elastic pony tail holder. Use comb to smooth out and to put hair out to make sure hair is to a proper height. Lastly, secure down with several matching bobby pins for extra support. If you are required to wear a hair accessory add this at the end

Poof sideviewPoof frontPoof back

High Side Bun

Pull dancers hair all up on the dancer's left side. Secure in a high pony tail with matching elastic holder. Wrap hair around holder until hair is all in a bun. Secure with hair net that matches dancer's hair color. Now secure with 20 plus bobby pins to dancers head. If needed, use hair pins to remove bumps or smooth down. All bobby pins and hair pins should be the same color as dancer's hair. Hair spray and remove all wispies.

High Side Bun sideviewHigh Side Bun frontHigh Side Bun back

All Down with Headband

Straighten dancer's hair until completely straight and smooth. Put headband in dancer's head and criss cross bobby pin with 2 to 4 bobby pins on each side of dancers head. Please make sure bobby pins are the same color as dancer's hair. Hairspray and it's complete.

All Down with Headband frontAll Down with Headband back

French Braid High Bun

Turn dancer’s hair upside down and start a French braid. Once you are to the top of dancer’s hair secure with matching pony tail holder and wrap in a bun. Use bun builder, bobby pins, hair net, hair pins and spray.

French Braid High Bun sideviewFrench Braid High Bun frontFrench Braid High Bun back

Double Side Buns

Make a straight center part on dancers head. Separate each side and secure into 2 pony tails making pig tails. Please use matching ponytail holders along with matching bobby pins, hair pins, hair nets, bun builders etc. Then proceed to take each pigtail and make into a bun on each side. Hair Spray and Voila!

Double Side Buns sideviewDouble Side Buns frontDouble Side Buns back

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